1.    Aims

The aim of the Association is to perform continuous quality control of wood industrial adhesives commercially distributed in Hungary, based on MSZ EN 204:2017 and the Technical Description of the adhesives. The continuous quality control provides the double principle: safety of manufacturers/distributors and confidence of the users. The Association’s professional activity can greatly assist the users by providing information about the conformity of the commercially available adhesives. Besides the certification process, the Association organizes conferences and meetings in order to provide a networking and discussing possibility for the manufacturers, distributors and users as well. Furthermore, the Association aims to emphasize the importance of the gluing process during manufacturing more than it is currently handled in the average wood industrial processes.

2.    Conditions of membership

2.1   The Central Testing Laboratory at the University of Sopron, as an accredited testing laboratory, and the adhesive manufacturing/distributing company make a contract about the continuous testing of the given adhesive. The contract is made for one year which is automatically renewed for another year if none of the parties terminate it.

2.2   The other condition of membership is that the adhesive’s classification of water resistance indicated by the manufacturer/distributor has to meet the requirements of MSZ EN 204:2017.

3.    Procedure

3.1   The Laboratory and the adhesive manufacturing/distributing company make a contract.

3.2   The sampling is performed by the lab workers by randomly taking samples in Hungary at least four times a year. The samples are taken from commercially available adhesives. Under a separate agreement, the samples can be taken at the manufacturer’s plant or from users.

3.3  In the Laboratory, the adhesive will be tested according to MSZ EN 204:2017. Each year, the first test, which is required to be a member, is a complete, standardized test while the following ones cover the most critical application methods, which means Test method 3 is used for Class D3 adhesives and Test methods 3 and 5 are used in case of Class D4 adhesives.

3.4  If the adhesive meets the requirements of MSZ EN 204:2017, then the Laboratory will inform the manufacturer/distributor about the test results according to Clause 4.1.

3.5  If the adhesive does not meet the requirements of MSZ EN 204:2017 then the Laboratory will inform the manufacturer/distributor about the test results and at the same time, certify the adhesive after a newer sampling which will be a control sampling. Till the final test result, the adhesive remains member of the Association.

3.6  If the control sampling also verifies that the adhesive does not have sufficient quality then it will be automatically excluded from the Association. The Laboratory will inform the manufacturer/distributor about it.

3.7  If the control sampling verifies sufficient quality then the adhesive will remain the member of the Association. In this case, a meeting will be held between the Laboratory employees and the manufacturer/distributor in order to find out the cause of quality issue which occurred during the first sampling.

4.    Notification of certification

4.1        Notifying the manufacturer/distributor

After the test, the manufacturer/distributor is informed about the sampling and the test results within 5 workdays. The notification shall include the following information:

·      place of sampling

·      date of sampling

·      adhesive’s name, packaging and identification data

·      production, expiration and warranty time

·      test results

The Laboratory will prepare an accredited protocol which will be sent to the manufacturer/distributor.

4.2        Publishing results, notifying the professional public

Based on the preliminary approval of the manufacturer/distributor, the Laboratory will notify the professional public on the Association’s website (minositettragasztok.hu; minosegiragasztok.hu). The adhesives will be certified by their brand names.

The notification shall include the following information:

·      name of tested adhesive

·      classification of water resistance

·      name of entrusting company or individual

·      date of finished tests

·      report of the last complete, standardized test

5.  Other remarks

The manufacturer / distributor is entitled to use the results of the continuous quality control in their flyers until the given adhesive can be found on the Laboratory’s website.

The Laboratory will not give further information about the certified adhesives (for example technical datasheets, safety datasheets, conformity).

The Laboratory will not give the test-related results, experiences to any third party.


Sopron, 15th December 2017