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Quality of gluing applied in the wood industry is influenced by many factors, but first of all we have to mention the quality conformity of adhesive chosen for a certain goal. Specification of the so-called water resistance degree of dispersion adhesives is clearly described by the effective European Norm (EN). However, not all commercially available products have a certificate which was issued by an independent, accredited institute, which guarantees the quality of the adhesive for the users. If we buy an adhesive, what will be the guarantee that it really meets the water resistance degree shown on the label?

The “Association of Certified Adhesives” established by the Central Testing Laboratory at the University of Sopron aims to give support in this issue by performing continuous quality control of wood industrial adhesives commercially distributed in Hungary, based on MSZ EN 204:2017 and the Technical Description of the adhesives.

The Central Testing Laboratory continuously makes tests during the whole year with random sampling on those commercially available, non-structural wood industrial adhesives (mainly the aqueous dispersion wood industrial adhesives), manufacturers of which take part in the program. In case of the conformity requirements are met, the names of products are published on the Association’s website, so the given adhesive becomes a member of the „ Association of Certified Adhesives” until the testing has positive result.

The continuous quality control provides the double principle: safety of manufacturers/distributors and confidence of the users. The Association’s professional activity can greatly assist the users by providing information about the conformity of the commercially available adhesives.

We believe that it is the users’ interest to choose such adhesives for their applications, which are members of the „Association of Certified Adhesives”.


Dr. Sándor Fehér
Head of Association University of Sopron Central Testing Laboratory